5625 Ride-on Scraper



SKU: 5625: Scraper, Ride-On, Propane, Manual Lift

Product Description

The 5625 Propane Ride-on Scraper is a compact propane unit designed to power through commercial and industrial removal work.  This machine comes with National’s standard manual-lift on the front end, allowing you to easily adjust the height and pitch of the blade.

  • For rapid removal of soft goods like outdoor sport court, try a Bevel-up Self-scoring blade
    • The bevel-up angle on this blade is for application removal on hard surfaces
  • All NFE propane Ride-on scrapers are emissions tested before they leave the building.  Please follow all local safety guidelines for operating this style of machine indoors.
Power Supply Propane
Width* 26″ 66 cm
Height 51″ 129.5 cm
Length 58″ 147 cm
Weight** 1,822 lb 826.4 kg
Removable Weight 370 lb front 167.8 kg front
75 lb rear 34 kg rear
Weight (machine only) 1,377 lb 624.6 kg
Speed up to 200 ft/min up to 61 m/min
HP 25 18.6 kW
* Measurements are without tooling attached.
** Weight may vary depending on fill level and size of propane tank on machine. 

Included with the 5625:

  • 5110-100: Transport Wheels
  • 402929: 3/4 x 1-1/8 Wrench
  • Kit 5175 Includes:
    • 6277-BU: 45 degree, 3″ x 12″ self-scoring, bevel up
    • 6284: 3″ x 12″ heavy-duty blade
    • 7050-12: 12″ cutting head
    • 7079-2: 2″ x 6″ angle shank w/ carbide tip
  • 7050-P: Propane Tank
  • 75007: CO detector (2)
  • 75008: Clip (2)
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor.

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