Helix Grinder



SKU: HELIX: Grinder, 16", 120V

Product Description

Designed for small jobs and tough to reach spaces, this 16-inch planetary grinder creates the perfect profile for new coatings.  This easy-to operate machine has a built-in edge grinder, dual-speed operation, an adjustable handle, and floating dust skirt for maximum efficiency.

Width 17.5″ 44.5 cm
Disk Size 16″ 41 cm
Max. Height 47.6″ 120.9 cm
Min. Height 29.4″ 74.4 cm
Max. Length 47″ 119.4 cm
Min. Length 27.9″ 70.9 cm
Weight 206 lb 93 kg
Grinding Pressure 128 lb 58 kg
Drum RPM High/Low Speed: 304/171 (120V/60 Hz)
  High/Low Speed: 291/164 (230V/50 Hz)
Motor RPM High/Low Speed: 3339/1871 (120V/60Hz)
  High/Low Speed: 3200/1800 (230V/50 Hz)
Motor Phase Single  
HP 1.5  
Amps 120V/60 Hz 230V/50 Hz
  12 amps 6.3 amp

Included with the Helix:

  • 404021: Magnetic tooling holder (3)
  • 9245: Velcro adapter (3)
  • 403231: Floating dust skirt
  • 402757: Helix Grind & Scrape Plate
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor

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