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Remove outdoor flooring

Meet the Viking

Floor preparation expert launches new ride-on scraper To provide contractors with efficient floor preparation equipment for outdoor applications, surface preparation expert National Flooring Equipment has

Improving surface preparation

The best of both worlds

How contractors can benefit from advances in floor stripping technology We all love to get the most for our money. As a result, many businesses

Remove wood flooring

Hard goods require heavy duty

According to research by Shawbrook Bank, the average UK homeowner has five unfinished DIY jobs in their home at any one time. Lack of skills,


Top tooling tips

If you asked a plumber or electrician to fix an issue in your home and they turned up with one screwdriver, would you trust them

Single phase vs three phase

Power Up

To choose the correct surface preparation equipment contractors must consider many things including; room dimensions, power source availability and overall project scope. It is important for rental companies and contractors to ask about the power source available in the space they plan to work in, so correct machine and dust collector choices can be made.Single and Three PhaseSingle Phase 11…

buy or rent floor preparation equipment

Rent or Buy?

When choosing whether to buy or rent surface preparation equipment, what are the factors that business leaders need to consider?Assess your long-term needs The project timescale can help construction managers decide whether they want to rent or buy their machine. You should buy the machine if you expect to use it for at least 60 to 70 per cent of the time it takes to complete the project, othe…


Surface Prep Troubleshooting

Proper surface preparation is vital for flooring projects to be successful. Often, contractors don’t recognize this and rush the prep by just sweeping the surface before laying the new coating. Because contractors know that the new surface is all the customer will see once work is complete, they tend to think this is the only thing that matters. They couldn’t be more wrong. Surface…


New Innovation at National

In January 2020 we proudly launched our new series of shot blasters. The Apex series of machines represented an addition to the products that we manufacture in-house, and we are please to pass this innovation and quality along to our customers. Manufacturing in-house wasn’t new to us. We have proudly manufactured our walk-behind and ride-on scrapers for years, adding to their fun…


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