Spartan 220 Scarifier



SKU: Spartan 220

Product Description

The Spartan 220 comes equipped with a specialty drum system deigned to remove paint, thin mill coatings, line striping, carpet adhesives, and other refined applications.

Machine Width 14.5″ 37 cm
Milling Width 8″ 20 cm
Height 41″ 104 cm
Length 35.4″ 90 cm
Weight 125.7″ 57 kg
Voltage 230
Hz 60
Phase Single
RPM 3440
Motor 2.99 HP 2,2 kW

Included with the Spartan 220

  • 402165: Drum complete with cutters

Recommended Accessories

  • Wood Scoring Scarifier Drum – This wood scoring drum is 8″ wide with 3 or 5 scoring blades.  Using this on your scarifier eliminates the need to get down on your hands and knees to use a circular saw to score the wood.
    • 402192 Drum with 3 blades
    • 402191 Drum with 5 blades

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