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Our Story

National Flooring Equipment began like most success stories – with an idea of how to solve problems more efficiently.

Our company was founded in 1968 when the Anderson family began developing new flooring tools in their garage in Minnesota. From there, they started designing surface preparation equipment with a focus on durability and long-lasting performance. The Olson family bought National in 2007, shifting the company’s primary focus to industrial-grade surface preparation and floor removal equipment, with a focus on customer service. The Olsons built upon the Andersons’ tradition of quality products and competitive pricing.
Over time, they introduced larger floor removal equipment to the market, expanding their operations, reputation, and customer base. Thanks to their vision, National now has over 50 patents registered in the United States and around the world, giving us a global presence unmatched in our industry. We’re incredibly proud of the level of customer service everyone at National provides. It’s not unheard of for a National representative to personally deliver a piece of equipment when a contractor needs it quickly to complete a project. We’re here for our customers seven days per week, ready to solve problems with tools that make their job easier.

Our industry has changed a lot since 1968. But our tradition of providing excellent customer service will always be our number one priority.

Our People

As a family-owned business, National understands that our real strength lies in our people.

The National team works hard to create an exceptional customer experience unparalleled in our industry every day. We believe in ongoing skills upgrading, adapting innovation, and discovering new ways to help our customers – and having fun while doing it!

That’s because you’re more than a customer to us – you’re part of the National family.


Our Commitment to Service

Integrity, trust, and service are more than buzzwords at National – we integrate those values into everything we do. We take the time to listen to your needs, make the best-fit product recommendations, and ensure we answer all of your questions, so you make the most informed choice possible.

We're not interested in just making sales. We're interested in developing solid, long-term relationships based on respectful, proactive customer service.

Our Business Values

Loyalty, innovation, passion, creativity, accountability, safety, and pride – these values make up the hallmark of how National operates. We value supplier, employee, and customer feedback to help us improve and innovate in ways that better serve everyone we engage with.

This approach is why we've grown to be a global leader in quality flooring equipment, expert advice, and customer retention.

550 with shank

Patents held by National Flooring Equipment

US6813834  Angled Shank Blade

US7562412  Battery Powered Riding Floor Stripping Machine

US11085195 B2  Blade Arrangement

US11338674 B2  Ergonomic Control for Self-propelled Equip.

US17831984 Temperature Control for Blast Wheel Housing

US11685019 Power Cord & Vacuum Tube Manager

 Blade Assembly for Work Vehicles – Patent Pending

US6421924 B2 Cushion Back Carpet Cutting Tool

US11338674  Ergonomic Control

US10329782 & US10443254 Isolator Overtravel Protection for Walk-behind Floor Scraper

US 7563156 Planetary Grinder

US10941529 Blade Assembly for Work Vehicles

US11628538 Valve Mount for Shot Blaster Plenum Valve

*Patents Pending on Rogue

Proudly Built in America

Our products are made right here in the United States, where quality assurance standards are among the highest in the world. When you buy domestically, you benefit from accessible facilities, more reliable supply chains, and superior products. We’re also there for our global customers with local service teams ready to lend a hand when required.

We're proud to build locally, ship globally, and help you solve problems no matter where you're located. This approach is how we built our company, and it will always be part of how we do business.

National Flooring Equipment is always here with product recommendations, sound advice, and information on where you can try out our high-quality tools for yourself.

Simply fill out the form and we’ll be in touch!

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