6280 Commander Walk-behind Scraper



SKU: 6280-COM: Scraper, Commander, 120 Volt, US

Product Description

The 6280 walk-behind scraper is a durable soft goods removal machine. Scrape up glued-down floors, commercial carpet, VCT, sheet vinyl, rubber tile, linoleum, indoor and outdoor sport surfaces, roofing material, and more. 

Designed to fit under racking and into tight spaces, this scraper has positionable handles and a narrow footprint.  The orbital action of the front end cuts through the work as opposed to hammering.  This design alleviates wear and tear on the scraper, and extends the life of it. 

Paired with National’s self-scoring blades, the 6280 walk-behind scraper cuts through glued down carpeting and VCT with ease.  Our self-scoring carpet blades come in a wide variety of lengths and widths to suit any style of removal.

Additional accessories for this floor removal machine allow for use of specialty blades. The 6280-500 is a blade holder that swivels with the contours of the floor.  For more consistent removal and to stay underneath the work, attach this blade holder to the front of your 6280 scraper.

The 6280-505 is a special blade holder for razor blades. The jaw is sized so less of the blade is captured in the holder.  This makes the 6280 suitable for epoxy and adhesive re-scrape after the carpet is removed.



Power Supply Electric  
Width 17.75″ 45 cm
Max. Height 46″ 117 cm
Height (handle folded) 30″ 76 cm
Max. Length 51″ 130 cm
Length (handle folded) 29″ 74 cm
Weight 425 lb 192.8 kg
Removable Weight 47 lb front 21.3 kg
  43 lb side 19.5 kg side
Weight (machine only) 335 lb 152 kg
Speed 10-45 ft/min 3.0-13.7 m/min
RPM 3450 2875
Voltage 115 230
Frequency 60 Hz 50 Hz
HP 1.5 1.12 kW
Amps (full load) 13 7.5
Noise Emission 79 dB  
Meets the requirements of the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC and EMC Directive 2004/108/EC. It is CE marked. 


Included with the 6280:

  • 148 5″ x 6″ blade
  • 5280-137W: 6mm T-handle Wrench
  • 6280-299: Commander Transport Wheels



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