6280 Commander Walk-behind Scraper



SKU: 6280-COM: Scraper, Commander, 120 Volt, US

Product Description

The Commander walk-behind scraper removes the worst of today’s soft goods, such as glued-down floors, gummy commercial carpet, VCT, sheet vinyl, rubber tile, linoleum, indoor and outdoor sport surfaces, roofing material, and more.

Width: 17.75″

Max Height: 46″

Height (handle folded): 30″

Max Length: 51″

Length (handle folded): 29″

Weight: 425 lb

Removable Weight: 47 lb front, 43 lb side

Weight (machine only): 335 lb

Speed: 10-45 ft/min

RPM: 3450/2875

Voltage: 115

Frequency: 60 Hz

HP: 1.5

Amps (full load): 13

Noise Emission: 79 dB



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/content/Manuals/402963_RevD (Grayscale).pdf


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