Dual Lift Conversion Kit



SKU: 403228

Product Description

The Dual Lift Conversion Kit will allow you to upgrade your manual lift ride-on scraper to a Dual Lift machine. 


Why Would I Upgrade? 

National’s patented Dual Lift technology allows the machine operator to adjust the blade pitch and angle without getting off of the machine. This capability enables the operator to make fine adjustments on-the-go ensuring the most efficient removal possible while decreasing downtime.

How Do I Upgrade? 

You have two options when it comes to upgrading your manual lift machine. If you are comfortable doing the work, you can order the parts from National and do the upgrade yourself. Or you can ship your machine back to our manufacturing facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota and we can install the conversion kit for you.  

How Can I Be Sure This Will Fit My Machine?

Give us a call at 800-245-0267 or 763-315-5300 if you have questions about compatability. 


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