What makes a concrete grinder modular?

Helix modular grinder handle during production in Minnesota

Broken down for transport or adjusted for operation – the Helix delivers.

When designing equipment like the Helix 110V concrete grinder we focus on the most critical features our customers are asking us for. In this case, modularity was important to our end users and rental partners.  A 110V grinder is a great companion machine and can be used in so many places, you have to be able to transport it and work on it with simplicity.

What is modular?

The core idea of modularity when engineering a product is to divide something complex into individual modules so they can be assembled easily.  In addition, a modular machine will also be designed with transportability in mind.  The Helix is the ultimate solution to a versatile, modular planetary grinder.

How does it work?

The handle of the Helix disconnects from the grinding head at the base of the machine. 2 quick-release levers allow the handle to snap back in with minimal effort. Convenient handles on either side of the grinding head turn that machine component into a one- or two-man carry.  The modular design of this concrete grinder allows the machine to be broken into two pieces for loading into the back of your vehicle or packing into your trailer. 

While on the job, the handle is designed to give ultimate flexibility to operators.  With positional elements in 2 locations, you can adjust the handle to fit you and your jobsite needs. 


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