Why are there so many self-scoring blades?

National’s line of self-scoring blades are for carpet removal with a walk-behind or ride-on scraper. These blades come in a variety of different lengths, widths, and thicknesses. Consider your machine and the type of carpet being removed when choosing which style of self-scoring blade to use.

45-degree wings

Removing thin carpet with a floor scraper is easy with the 45-degree self-scoring blades.  The wings on these blades extend out at a 45-degree angle on either side, and are easy to sharpen when they dull.  As the rise of the blade is fairly low, they work best on thin rubber or carpet removals with your walk-behind or ride-on scraper.

90-degree wings

Thicker carpeting removal with your scraper typically calls for National’s 90-degree self-scoring blades.  This design stays in the work a bit better due to the increased rise on the blade wing.  The downside to this is that it takes a bit longer to sharpen the wings with a file. When the blade is sharp it will shear through the carpeting in uniform widths, effectively rolling it into manageable piles at the end of each pass.

Bevel up/Bevel down

Additionally, these blades come in bevel up and bevel down versions. The bevel down blade is meant for removal on a wood substrate.  As the scraper is removing the carpet, it can glide over the surface without digging into the subfloor and damaging the wood surface.  Often a wood subfloor is found in upstairs areas, so these blades fit with National’s walk-behind scrapers.

The bevel up blade is great for removal of soft goods on a concrete subfloor.  Paired with your ride-on or walk-behind scraper, this blade bevel works smoothly across the floor while cutting through the material cleanly.

Our last style of self-scoring blades is a 4” wing style blade. These 4-inch tall wings extend at a 90-degree angly and are great for removing thick double stick carpeting. Use these blades on a walk-behind or ride-on scraper to remove the carpeting and padding in one pass.  This blade also cuts through a thick rubber membrane with ease. 


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