Replacing the Filter on Your National Dust Collector

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Learn how to replace the filter on your National Flooring Equipment Dust Collector.

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DL6000P Dust Collector

The DL6000P offers the convenience of two powerful dust collectors in one unit. Easily separate the units as needed or use together paired with National’s

DL2000 Dust Collector

The DL200 has been designed to meet HEPA standards, and is equipped with a Longopac bagging system. Width 20″ 50 cm Height 47″ 120 cm

DL3000 Dust Collector

The DL3000 is built with a rugged steel frame and washable integrated filters.  These simple to maintain filters are reinforced in a sturdy float-and-flow system. 

DL4000P Dust Collector

The DL4000P offers the great featurs of the DL4000 with the added benefit of a reverse pulse compressor.  The compressor helps maintain a cleaner filter,


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