Shot Blasting 101 – Charge your magnets!

Using a shot blaster to clean and profile concrete is an efficient way to prep concrete for an overlayment or coating.  Shot blasters are easy to use when you understand the proper operating procedures and safety precautions.  In this article, we are going to cover one of the safety features for running National’s Apex series of shot blasters.

Before you start

Before plugging your machine into the wall or turning it on, it is critical that you charge your magnets.  What does this mean?  On the bottom of your machine, there are magnets on the front and the two sides of the blasting area. The shot blaster is designed this way so the steel shot sticks to the magnets and create a curtain between the bottom of the machine and the floor. This curtain contains the shot in the machine as it is propelled forward and around the rebound plenum.

As the blaster moves over uneven surfaces, this shot curtain prevents the shot from escaping underneath the machine. Loose shot on a concrete floor is slippery, and is a serious safety hazard on the jobsite. Additionally, loose shot bouncing off the concrete surface is a safety hazard for anyone working on site. After fully charging the magnets, back the machine up and use a hand magnet to collect the loose shot from the ground.

Charging the magnets on your shot blaster is an important first step to safe operation of your machine. This process for shot blasting a concrete surface, applies to operation of National’s A95, A96 and A97 shot blasters.  For more tips about safe and efficient operation of shot blasters, visit our YouTube channel.


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