Shot Blasting 101: the A97 10-inch blaster

Shot blasting is a process used to clean, prepare, and restore floors. It involves propelling small steel beads (shot) at high velocity onto the floor surface. National makes several different sizes of shot blasters, but today we are diving into operation of the A97.

This shot blaster is a great solution for profiling concrete in medium to large spaces. With a 10HP motor, the production rate of this machine is up to 2000 sq/ft p/hr.  This productivity will change slightly if you need a higher CSP. The A97 is a traditional shot blaster design with new features added to increase operator comfort and productivity.


Increasing the A97’s productivity, is the built-in ability to blast directly next to the wall. This edging capability is brought to you by an edging plate easily installed on the side of the machine, after removing the existing magnet & brush using a 13 mm socket.  In addition to the edging plate feature, the entire machine is tilted slightly to the left. This allows you to blast cleanly against the wall while avoiding outlets and other protrusions.

Walk backwards

While the A97 shot blaster is built with the right features and design for cleaning your concrete floor, there are some key tips & tricks to operation. When you are ready to start, turn your machine on and begin walking backwards. While moving, open the shot valve lever slowly and evenly.  This will prevent a power surge and prevent the machine from dropping shot.

Shot valve

After making your first pass on the floor, close your shot valve at the end of your row, make your turn, then open the valve again. While this may sound time consuming, continuing to blast around the corner will disrupt the rebound of the shot inside the machine. This will cause damage to the machine, and increase the chances of dropping shot. For more insight about the A97 Shot blaster and Shot blasting 101, reach out to your sales rep today.


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