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There is no one-size-fits-all in surface preparation. Purchasing a floor removal machine to address every challenge you face is unrealistic, but National’s approach to product versatility addresses the wide array of challenges you see on your jobsites.  Offering one or two options for riders is limiting when you are juggling transportation, power, run time, removal application, job size, and more. Choosing a ride-on scraper to purchase or rent is a big decision, and we have the variety to make sure you get the right solution.

National has 8 different ride-on scrapers, each with their own unique capabilities for a tailored solution to your specific needs. Understanding the limitations and specs of your jobs is critical to selecting the right machine. A diverse range of ride-on scrapers allows precise matching of needs and solutions.

Small and lightweight

If you work primarily in residential homes, you might be looking for a scraper that is compact, lightweight, and precise.  National’s 5000 or 5700DL are great solutions to these requirements. Both riders have AGM batteries – either 6 or 12 – that plug into a 110V outlet to charge overnight, and narrow frame width for navigating hallways and small rooms.

Powerful propane

On the other side of things, we also see significant need for our Ride-on scrapers is disaster recovery.  When flooding and hurricanes destroy the flooring in buildings, the best response is to immediately remove the existing flooring to allow the structure time to dry properly. After this type of natural event, the power has often been shut off, and timeliness of removal is critical.  National has two sizes of propane scrapers, both of which are great in this instance.  The 5625 and 8000 can be run continually by swapping out the 20lb propane tank.

Choosing from a wide array of machine variants is beneficial for several reasons including flexibility, efficiency, and productivity. At National you can choose your scraper based on the specific needs you have. To learn more about the options available, call today. 800-245-0267


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