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Concrete grinders are powerful tools that can make a big difference in prepping concrete for a new coating. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, understanding the capabilities and proper use of these grinders will help you achieve the best results. With the right grinder and a bit of practice, you’ll be able to tackle any concrete grinding job with confidence and precision.

National’s 8274-4 active planetary grinder is a classic 110V grinder. The main differenece between an active and passive planetary grinder is the spinning of the hub. An active planetary grinder’s hub spins in one direction while the satellites spin in the opposite direction. The 8274-4 concrete grinder is driven by a Kevlar belt.

This 110V grinder has an 18” grinding path and is great for producing an even scratch pattern on the concrete. This evenness is exactly what you need for prepping and polishing a concrete floor. This pattern, along with the weight and enough motor RPMs make the 8274-4 an ideal grinder for polishing concrete.

This grinder fits the same tooling as our Helix concrete grinder. The 8274-4 concrete grinder can remove coatings with PCDs, prep with metal bond diamonds, or polish to a 3000 level finish with our resin pads. This variety of tooling and prep options makes this 110V grinder a great addition to your surface prep equipment.


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