5625DL Ride-on Scraper



SKU: 5625DL: Scraper, Ride-On, Propane, Dual Lift

Product Description

The 5625DL Ride-on Scraper is a compact propane unit that includes our patented Dual-lift technology.  This feature allows the operator the ability to make infinite adjustments of the blade angle and pitch without leaving the seat. This unique feature is only available on National Flooring Equipment’s Ride-on Scrapers.

  • For removing hard goods with your 5625, try a Carbide Tipped Shank 
    • The angle and carbide tip of this shank are ideal for removal of ceramic tile, and thin-set
  • NFE also offers Straight Shanks with a Carbide Tip.
    • This tool is a must have for removing tougher materials like pavers and brick.  The straight shank allows more force on the removal, which is critical in lifting paver stone and similar materials.
  • All NFE propane Ride-on scrapers are emissions tested before they leave the building.
Power Supply Propane
Width* 26″ 66 cm
Height 51″ 129.5 cm
Length* 63″ 160 cm
Weight** 1,968 lb 892.7 kg
Removable Weight 455 lb front 206.4 kg
Weight (machine only) 1,513 lb 686.3 kg
Speed up to 200 ft/min up to 61 m/min
HP 25 18.6 kW
*Measurements are without tooling attached
**Weight may vary depending on fill level and size of propane tank on machine.

Included with the 5625DL:

  • 5110-100: Transport Wheels
  • 402929: 3/4 x 1-1/8 Wrench
  • Kit 5175 includes:
    • 6277-BU: 45 degree, 3″ x 12″ self-scoring, bevel up
    • 6284: 3″ x 12″ heavy-duty blade
    • 6285: 3″ x 6″ heavy-duty blade
    • 6286: 3″ x 10″ heavy-duty blade
    • 7050-12: 12″ cutting head
    • 7050-6: 6″ cutting head
    • 7079-2: 2″ x 6″ angle shank w/ carbide tip
  • 7050-P: Propane Tank
  • 75007: CO detector (2)
  • 75008: Clip (2)
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty

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