SKU: 9508-30SB: Metal Bond, Full Segment, 30 Grit, Soft

Product Description

The 9508-30SB is a full bar metal bond diamond for use with National’s Helix and 8274-4 planetary concrete grinders.  This tooling has a soft bond diamond matrix and is meant for use on HARD concrete. 

When using this tooling style with your Helix planetary grinder, attach the segments to the direct drive plate on the outer ring of the grinder head, set your dual-speed grinder to ‘low’, and remove weights.  After making an initial 3-5 foot pass, decide if you need to increase head pressure with more weights, or turn up the speed on your grinder.

The 9508-30SB is sold individually. To build a complete set for your grinder you will need to purchase 6 – #9508-30SB.

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