SKU: 9507-16: Metal Bond, Half Segment, 16 Grit

Product Description

The 9507-16 is a half bar metal bond diamond designed for use with National’s Helix and 8274-4 planetary concrete grinders.  This 16 Grit, half bar diamond is designed for removal of thin epoxy, paint, adhesives and sealers on MEDIUM concrete. 

On the Helix concrete grinder, attach this tooling segment directly to the outside ring of the grining head.  Continue setting up your machine by setting it to low speed and removing weight for your first pass. 

The 8274-4 planetary concrete grinder uses this tooling attached to the satellites. Lift the side weights off the head of the grinder, and run a first pass to see how effectively these are cutting.  If needed, drop 1 or 2 weights over the head on either side of the machine.

The 9507-16 is sold individually. To build a complete set for your grinder you will need to purchase 6 – #9507-16.


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