9267-200 5-inch Polishing Pad



SKU: 9267-200: Pad, Polishing, Resin Bond, 200 Grit

Product Description

The 9267-200 is a 5-inch velcro polishing pad with a 200 Grit finish.  This polishing pad is used with our 8274-4 and Helix planetary grinders and follows your 100 Grit polishing pads.  Polishing your floor is a multi-step process, starting with a full bar diamond to break the surface tension and several profiling diamond grits.

National’s 8274-4 planetary grinder is a 110V machine capable of delivering a 3000 level polish.  This 200 Grit polishing pad is used as part of those steps, and you need to purchase 3 as a complete set for your machine.

The Helix planetary floor grinder can also polish floors.  THis smaller lightweight grinder delivers a 400 level polish, and uses the 9267-200 as one of the last of it’s steps.




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