6295 Viking Blade



SKU: 6295: Blade, Viking, 3" x 12" x .188", 45-degree wing

Product Description

This extremely heavy-duty scraper blade is intended for use on our Viking Ride-in scraper.  At 12-inches wide, it is designed to fit with 2 additional blades (for a total of 3) in the dual lift of the Viking. For tougher coating removals, choose a narrower blade to increase the down pressure on the tool.

National’s blades come in a variety of thicknesses, thereby bringing versatility to the end user.  This .187-inch thick blade, paired with the extreme down pressure of our 5700lb Viking ride-in scraper is enough to tackle your toughest outdoor removals.

The double 45-degree wings on this blade create a more efficient coating removal by cutting through the material as opposed to just lifting.  Similar in design to National’s self-scoring blades, this double 45-degree wing slices through material with ease.

Size: 3″ x 12″ x .188″, 45-degree wing

This blade is for use with Viking.

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