How Do I Remove Hardwood Flooring? | Problem Solving 101

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In addition to hardwood removal basics, learn how to maneuver in narrow spaces, effectively offset your blades, and which tooling …

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402192 Wood Scoring Drum

Wood-scoring Scarifier Drum This wood-scoring drum attaches to National’s Spartan 220 and 110-8 Scarifiers.  It is an 8-inch drum with three scoring blades.  Using this

8000 Ride-on Scraper

The 8000 propane ride-on scraper is the largest of our Ride-on Scrapers.  With 3000 lbs of weight, 21″ tires, and a rugged steel frame, this

6280HD Gladiator Walk-behind Scraper

The Gladiator removes the worst of today’s hard and soft goods, such as ceramic tile, wood floors, thin-set, sheet vinyl, linoleum, and more.  It’s compact

110-8 Scarifier

Driven by a powerful 110V motor, this newly designed scarifier is ideal for removing paint, mastic, and thin set.  When paired with our wood scoring


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