Guillotine Blade Demonstration Video

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National’s new Guillotine Blades™ feature an angled edge to help you increase productivity and reduce operating costs. See it in …

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6284-GT Guillotine Blades

The Guillotine™ Blades are a series of angled blades that allow the leading edge of the blade to slide into the work and stay there. 

5700DL Ride-on Scraper

Twelve AGM 180-amp hour batteries, compact design, hydraulic steering, and a Dual-lift front end make this scraper a powerhouse.  The dual-lift feature on the front

5700 Ride-on Scraper

National’s best selling 5700 Ride-on Scraper is narrow enough to fit through residential doorways, and has enough torque to make quick work of commercial flooring


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