6280HD Gladiator Walk-behind Scraper

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SKU: 6280HD-COM: Scraper, Heavy Duty, Gladiator, 120 Volt, US

Product Description

The 6280HD walk-behind scraper removes hard and soft goods. With proper tooling, this machine takes up ceramic tile, wood floors, thin-set, sheet vinyl, linoleum, and more.  It’s compact design makes it ideal for use in confined spaces, while the side slide weights add extra head pressure when forward and improved traction when moved over the back wheels.

This powerful scraper’s front end is designed to hold a variety of styles of blades and shanks.  The 6280HD walk-behind scraper removes ceramic tiles with National’s patented carbide tipped shanks. Included with the machine are two different angle attachments that properly position the machine for hard or soft goods removal.

The orbital action of the front end is designed to cut through the work as opposed to hammering.  This design alleviates wear and tear on the scraper, and extends the life of it. 

Paired with National’s self-scoring blades, the 6280HD walk-behind scraper cuts through glued down carpeting and VCT with ease.  Our self-scoring carpet blades come in a wide variety of lengths and widths to suit any style of removal.

This walk-behind scraper comes with additional accessories for different types of floor removal. The 7280-2c is a 30-degree angle attachment for soft goods removal.  This attachment positions the scraper to take up soft goods with a flat blade, self-scoring blade, or another specialty blade.

The 402276 is a 9-degree angle attachment. Also included with the machine, this attachment holds a variety of ceramic and wood floor shanks.  National offers several sizes of angled shanks with a carbide tip for use on the 6280HD scraper. These work great on ceramic, wood and thick epoxy.  

The 9-degree attachment also holds the wood floor shank for this scraper.  With an elongated taper on this shank, the tooling can slide under the material fully before lifting it from the ground.




Power Supply Electric  
Width 17.75″ 45 cm
Max. Height 46.75″ 119 cm
Height (handle folded) 30″ 76 cm
Max. Length 49.5″ 126 cm
Length (handle folded) 29.5″ 75 cm
Weight 490 lb 222.3 kg
Removable Weight 78 lb front 35.4 kg front
  43 lb side 19.5 kg side
Weight (machine only) 369 lb 167.4 kg
Speed up to 30 ft/min 9.1 m/min
RPM 1725 1425
Voltage 115 230
Frequency 60 Hz 50 Hz
HP 1.5 1.12 kW
Amps (full load) 14.7 10.5
Noise Emission 77 dB  
Meets the requirements of the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC and EMC Directive 2004/108/EC. It is CE marked. 

Included with the 6280HD:

  • Kit 5174 includes:
    • 6265-BD: 90 degree, 3″ x 8″ Self-scoring, Bevel down
    • 6276-BU: 45 degree, 3″ x 10″ Self-scoring, Bevel up
    • 7050-200: 3″ x 6″ Premium Blade
    • 7280-2C: 30 degree Angle Attachment
    • 7280-4: Retainer Cap Assembly
    • 7280-6: 6″ Cutting Head
    • 7281-1: 1″ Angle Shank w/carbide 
  • 6280HD-250: Transport Wheel Assembly
  • 6280-401B: 6mm T-Handle Wrench

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