The Value in Accountability

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently,” said automotive entrepreneur Henry Ford. Failure is a natural part of business if you are willing to take risks to build a successful brand. Learning to take responsibility for failure can also provide businesses with valuable feedback from customers and staff to ensure mistakes are not repeated and the business moves forward.

At National Flooring Equipment, we believe that accountability starts with an individual. Every member of the team should feel responsible for the role they play in the business and hold others accountable for their position in the team. This is the best way to deliver the best possible products and services to customers.

We also value accountability in team members because it can help us have difficult conversations. Every project has issues and even a risk of complete failure, so if everyone is willing to have the difficult conversations to find out why challenges arise, we can build trust and create a team that can provide the solutions our customers need.

At National Flooring Equipment we mean what we say, we do what we say and take responsibility for our actions. It is our obligation to be accountable for everything we provide, from machinery and tools to training and customer service. By ensuring every member of our team, no matter their position, feels this way, we can be proud of what we achieve. 


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