The Helix grinder can do all that?

Helix planetary grinder and edger

A versatile concrete grinder is an essential for surface prep contractors. The right grinder will work for a variety of jobs including construction, renovation, and maintenance projects. National’s Helix concrete grinder is a compact, lightweight machine, well suited for surface prep, repair and maintenance projects. 

This machine is filled with features to alleviate your toughest surface prep jobs. The 16-inch grinding deck has 3 tooling satellites for prepping and polishing a concrete floor. With a lighter weight and fewer RPMs, the Helix takes your floor to a 400-level polish. Often referred to as a “big box store” finish level, this finish is easy to clean and maintain.

Tackle coating removal with carbide chips or PCD tooling to remove epoxy coatings, mastic, and thin set efficiently. After removal of an existing coating, prep your surface for an overlayment or polishing with metal bond diamonds. The Helix 110V grinder preps your concrete floor with our series of metal bond diamonds that snap easily into place on the satellites.

Additional features allow you to grind the concrete floor right up to the wall by flipping up the edge plate on the dust skirt.  The Helix allows you to snap out your tooling satellites for a set of tungsten carbide scarifier teeth for your toughest removals. This 110V concrete grinder runs on high or low speed, giving you options as you test out the right tooling and weight combo for your job.

A versatile concrete grinder like the Helix is a crucial tool for contractors in the construction and surface prep industries. It can prepare, repair, and maintain concrete surfaces effectively and efficiently.


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