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Single phase vs three phase

To choose the correct surface preparation equipment contractors must consider many things including; room dimensions, power source availability and overall project scope. It is important for rental companies and contractors to ask about the power source available in the space they plan to work in, so correct machine and dust collector choices can be made.

Single and Three Phase

Single Phase 110V, Single Phase 220V, and Three Phase 220V are the typical power sources that contractors use.Single Phase 110V consists of one live wire and one ground wire to complete a circuit, while 110V simply means that the machine can run off of a standard wall outlet. This low voltage power source is commonly found in residential homes and small businesses.

Single Phase 220V has the same configuration of wires, but cannot be plugged into a wall outlet. Many of the machines that National sells offer this type of power because it gives the end user more flexibility on the job site. Depending on the configuration of electrical boxes, generator availability, and power phase of your dust collector, it is useful to be able to toggle the machine between single and three phase power.

Three phase 220V power, on the other hand, typically supplies larger buildings, such as commercial or industrial facilities. This power source has three live wires with one earth wire. The three wires provide a higher voltage that can power larger equipment with ease. 

To efficiently complete a surface preparation job, contractors can change the power source in order to use larger equipment. Some contractors choose to purchase three phase power generators so that they can use equipment that runs at a higher voltage. 


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