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Surface preparation expert launches new ride-on scraper

To provide innovative equipment for outdoor applications, surface preparation expert National Flooring Equipment has launched the Viking. This is the most powerful ride-in scraper in National Flooring Equipment’s product offering and is designed with safety and performance in mind. Intended for use in large-scale outdoor applications such as roadways, bridge decks and airport runways, the Viking is a beast.

The Viking is a 5700 lb ride-in scraper used for the removal of tough outdoor applications including asphalt, waterproof membranes, sport court material, and many others. Powered by a 49.5 HP Turbo Diesel motor and features three blade holders. Operators can use a combination of one, two or three blades adjusted to any angle to easily remove tough, well-bonded materials.

Traditionally, outdoor surface prep is affected by weather and daylight, meaning operators only have a few hours to complete the job. The Viking is designed for 24/7 use, with an enclosed cab for heat and air conditioning, 5 layers of safety lights, and windshield wipers. It also has a digital display, rear-view camera and light safety curtain to ensure operators can work safely and efficiently while on site.

“We began developing the Viking after being approached by the UK highways industry to help find a more efficient method to scrape bridge decks,” explained Nick White, sales director EMEA at National Flooring Equipment. “Contractors found that the traditional method was noisy, dusty and aggressive. They must be careful to remove as little concrete as possible and this is not always possible using traditional methods. By developing a powerful, yet agile, ride-in scraper like the Viking, contractors can safely and quickly remove material with less strain on the bridge and its joints.”

The Viking is also built with the comfort and safety of the operator in mind. The cab has a positive pressure system to keep dust and worksite by-products out. The noise-dampening cab also improves operator experience, enabling them to focus on the work and be on the machine for longer. Extra features like a phone holder, USB outlet and cup holder might also be a good reason to stay inside.  


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