Hard goods vs soft goods scraper

Removing flooring with a walk-behind scraper is an effective way to take up old flooring materials like vinyl, linoleum, carpet, or tile. National Flooring Equipment has 5 different walk-behind scrapers, each suited for different styles of removal. Today, we are looking at the differences between two of our most popular models; the 6280 Commander, and the 6280HD Gladiator.

The 6280 removes soft goods like VCT, commercial carpet, and rubber membranes. The Commander has speed and efficiency in soft goods removal. Different machines are designed for hard and soft goods removal to increase machine efficiency and longevity. In contrast to this smaller, lighter walk-behind scraper, the 6280HD has the torque for hard goods removal.

With a larger axel, and additional isolators to protect the machine from increased impact, the 6280HD scrapes up hard wood and ceramic tile. The 6280HD walk-behind scraper is also slower and is meant to take the brunt force of removing hard goods. With wheels twice as thick as the 6280 Commander wheels, it creates more friction and grip when scraping tough flooring.

National’s 6280HD holds carbide tipped and wood floor removal shanks as well as standard flat blades. This heavy-duty walk-behind scraper comes with a hard and soft goods angle attachment. This puts the tooling at the best median angle for each type of scraping condition. This walk-behind scraper gives you the versatility to scrape up carpet and ceramic in the same day with one machine.


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