The best way to re-scrape glue

The best way to re-scrape glue

One of the questions we get most often is, “How do I re-scrape glue?”. National offers several options for scraping glue off the floor with our walk-behind or ride-on scrapers; razor blades, and 1-inch blades.

If you are using a Ride-on scraper, like our popular 5700 all day battery machine, your first step in removal, is to take up the carpet or flooring.  Using a self-scoring blade to cut cleanly through the material, will bring the best results. Often, people want to use a grinder for the next stage.  Grinding adhesive off the floor does work but is time consuming and difficult.  As the grinder is moving through the adhesive, it will heat up the material, turning it into a sticky mess on the floor and your tooling. Instead of switching machines, stick with your scraper. Using a razor blade in a razor blade holder is a great way to get a clean path in one pass. 

Razor Blades

Razor blades come in 50 packs and are.047” thick making them more flexible than other blade options. The thinness of this blade makes it more effective for one-pass scraping, but also requires extra care in your scraper.  If you are using a walk-behind scraper, leave the blade angle slightly lower than you might normally with a flat blade. This prevents an increase in head pressure with keeps the blade from bending and retains it’s sharp edge for longer. As with any of our blades, start with a shorter blade for maximum impact on the first pass.

1-inch Blades

Another great blade choice for removing glue with your walk-behind or ride-on scraper is the 1-inch blade. These blades are not very flexible – they are .094” thick. Because of the thickness they can take more head pressure from a large rider, and you won’t have to worry about resharpening as often. The 1-inch blades work on your walk-behind or ride-on scrapers with a razor blade holder. They are designed to remove epoxy, thin set, and glue with precision.


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