Dual-Speed Grinding with the Helix

  The Helix dual-speed concrete grinder, is a versatile tool that has revolutionized the industry with its ability to tackle a diverse range of tasks with unmatched effectiveness. While we have recommended best uses for each speed, this feature gives contractors options for additional adjustment if tooling and weight changes haven’t gotten the result they are looking for.

Dual speed advantage

One of the primary value propositions of dual-speed concrete grinding lies in its efficiency. Traditional single-speed grinders often struggle with varying concrete surfaces, creating a less effective machine. The Helix dual-speed grinder has high and low speed settings, allowing operators to optimize grinding performance based on the specific requirements of each job. Whether it’s aggressive material removal or concrete polishing, the ability to switch between speeds enables contractors to work more efficiently.

Another key advantage of dual-speed concrete grinding with the Helix is versatility. Unlike single-speed models limited to specific applications, a dual-speed 110V grinder excels in a wide range of tasks. From removing stubborn coatings and adhesives to refining concrete surfaces for a polished finish, this versatile grinder can adapt to various job requirements with ease. Contractors no longer need to invest in multiple tools for different applications, saving both money and storage space. With a dual-speed grinder, versatility is at the forefront, empowering contractors to take on diverse projects with confidence.

High speed

Operating your Helix grinder on high speed runs the drum at about 300 RPM. This added speed is great if your coating removal is moving along at good speed and coming off the floor easily.  The increased RPMs allow the Helix to polish a floor.  Without the weight of larger machines, the Helix grinder can polish up to a 400 level. National’s series of metal bond prep diamonds, polishing pads, and setting the dual speed grinder motor to high speed.

Low speed

The low-speed setting on the Helix dual speed grinder is best suited for most removals.  At low speed the drum rotates at about 160 RPMs. A good rule of thumb is to set the motor to low speed to allow your tooling to get started in the work. After assessing your progress and tooling efficiency you can move to high speed if necessary.

Keep in mind, you can glaze diamonds at any speed if you don’t have the right bond of tooling.  The best practice for avoiding this is to spray your concrete with a little bit of water every now and then.  The water helps clean the diamonds and keep them exposed. 

The value of the dual-speed Helix concrete grinder is undeniable. From enhanced efficiency and unmatched versatility to precision performance, this innovative machine has transformed the way contractors approach concrete surface preparation.


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