How do I use a 1-inch blade for epoxy flooring removal?

Removing glue, thin set, epoxy, or mortar from a floor is a tough job.  Standard steel blades work fine for these jobs and are most often what contractors use.  However, a quicker option for cutting through this material in one clean pass is a 1-inch blade.  Available in 4, 8, 10, and 12-inch widths, these blades are one of the most powerful blades we have.

1-inch blades vs PCDs

An often-used method for removing glue or epoxy is grinding.  Aggressive PCDs on your grinder head will eventually wear through the coating and leave you with a clean floor to profile. However, removing epoxy coatings with a 1-inch blade on a scraper will keep the dust down, and remove them more quickly. Wear and tear on expensive PCDs is also eliminated by scraping the coating up before a final pass with your grinder.

A 1-inch blade has a .094 thickness, a 1-inch width, and varying lengths. Because of the narrow width of this blade, it can only be used with the razor blade holder. A standard blade holder from National is too deep for a 1-inch blade.

1-inch blades on your scraper

The 6280-500 is a razor blade holder for our 6280 walk-behind scraper.  The ideal use for this lighter machine and 1-inch blade is for re-scrape. Moving up to our larger walk-behind scrapers; the Rogue and 6280HD, you have more weight and power for removing epoxy, and mortar. 

National’s 1-inch blades are a powerful tool for epoxy coating removal with a walk-behind or ride-on scraper. The narrow width of this blade significantly increases head pressure on the blade, giving you more removal power.  These blades are usable on any of National’s walk-behind or ride-on scrapers.


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