2900DL Ride-on Scraper



SKU: 2900DL: Scraper, Ride-on, High Speed, 115 Volt, Dual Lift

Product Description

The 2900DL Ride-on Scraper is designed for high-speed soft goods removal.  This machine is a durable, emission-free, budget-conscious workhorse.  The 2900 will remove VCT and other soft and hard goods quickly and efficiently for time sensitive applications.  The DL version of this Ride-on Scraper offers users the ability to make infinite adjustments to the blade angle and pitch without leaving the operator’s seat.

Width: 24.5″

Height: 46.5″

Length: 63″

Weight: 1,730 lb

Removable Weight: 185 lb front, 75 lb rear

Weight (machine only): 1,470 lb

Speed: up to 160 ft/min

Voltage: 115

Frequency: 60 Hz

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