5110 Ride-on Scraper



SKU: 5110: Scraper, Ride-On, Electric, 115 Volt

Product Description

The 5110 is an electric ride-on floor scraper designed for continuous operation.  With no belts or gears, this scraper boasts low maintenance costs while maximizing production, maneuverability, and ease of transport.

Width: 24.5″

Height: 49″

Max Height: 56″

Length: 63″

Weight: 1,465 lb

Removable Weight: 370 lb front, 75 lb rear

Weight (machine only): 1,020 lb

Speed: up to 113 ft/min

Voltage: 115

Frequency: 60 Hz

HP: 3 (2×1.5)


5110 Manual:

/content/Manuals/401899_RevB (Grayscale).pdf

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