5200QL Ride-on Scraper



SKU: 5200QL: Scraper, Ride-on, Battery, Quick Load, 120 Volt Charger

Product Description

The 5200QL is designed for jobs that require continuous operation, and it offers the only slide-out replaceable battery in the industry.  The rear-accessed batter pack is easily installed, changed, and transported.  With no belts or gears, this scraper boasts low maintenance costs while maximizing production.  Great for commercial surface removal and preparation it is quiet and compact enough for residential jobs.

Width: 24.75″

Height: 46.5″

Length: 57″

Weight: 1,760 lb

Removable Weight: 370 lb front, 75 lb rear

Weight (machine only): 1,315 lb

Speed: up to 120 ft/min

Voltage: 115

Frequency: 60 Hz

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