DL3000 Dust Collector



SKU: Dust Collector, 318 CFM, HEPA, 230 Volt

Product Description

The DL3000 is built with a rugged steel frame and washable integrated filters.  These simple to maintain filters are reinforced in a sturdy float-and-flow system.  Equipped with a Longopac bagging system, the DL3000 exceeds HEPA standards.

Width: 325.6″

Height: 63″

Length: 31″

Weight: 154.32 lb

Voltage: 230V

Phase: Single

Hz: 50-60

Vacuum Pressure: 98.4″ Water

Air Movement: 353 CFM

Filter Area: 32.3 sq/ft 

Filter Efficiency: 99.995 @ .18 microns

Noise Emissions: 75

Inlet: 3.15″

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