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You can download a copy of our new 2021 catalog for an in-depth look at our entire offering.  Our "Training & Support" Page offers additional languages.

2021 Catalog - English


New in 2021, the Guillotine™ Blades are an innovative approach to tooling that work with our Walk-behind and Ride-on Scrapers.  The angle of the blade uses a proven technology that allows you to approach removal straight-on and stay in the work longer.

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Also new in 2021 is the Viking Ride-in Scraper, the first in our line of Heavy Construction Equipment. Weighing in at 5700 lbs with a climate controlled cab and our patented Dual-lift technology on the front end, it is a revolutionary new way to remove bridge deck coatings, waterproof membranes and more.


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 Check back for updates on our upcoming Training.  It will be a hybrid event with some LIVE and some Virtual components.  Details coming soon!




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