How can the ION4K help you?

The ION4K is designed to create a safer environment for contractors and workers on the jobsite.  The ION4K is a compact machine that electronically charges the air in the room, bringing dust particles and other contaminants down to the ground quickly and efficiently.

The machine can be used during demolition and renovation projects, particularly on job sites that require fast and extensive clean-ups. This includes schools, hospitals and airports, where there is likely to be high footfall soon after the job is completed.

The ION4K pulls the dust from the air to the ground up to a range of 70,000 cubic feet, creating safer, cleaner working conditions. It takes safety to the next level, minimizing exposure to dust particles for both workers and customers when they re-enter the space.

The machine features a multi-speed fan, which is flexible for varying jobsites, locking caster wheels and sturdy handles for easy transportation and maneuvering. Its simple control panel, which requires minimal input from the user allows more time to be spent on other tasks, increasing the speed at which the job can be completed.


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