Training & Support

Training is an important part of achieving maximum utility and ROI out of your machine purchase.  Understanding how to maintain your machine, adjust tooling properly, and run your equipment optimally are just a few of the things we hope you learn at training.

We have worked hard to build multiple types of training so you are able to access the answers you need in a time that suits you.


"Live" Training: We host weekly live sessions on our YouTube channel.  Tune in at 9am MST every Thursday morning for an in-depth look at a new topic.  This forum offers a chat function that allows participation and questions in real-time.


Quarterly Training: 4 times a year we hold 2-day training sessions in our Denver, CO facility.  These are hands-on sessions covering scraping, grinding and polishing, and shot blasting in detail.  This session is FREE to attend, but you must pay for your own travel.


On-Demand Training: Our Customer Service team, Customer Account Managers, Training Director, and Sales team are ready to assist you 24/7.  Connect with us any time for problem solving on the jobsite to quick answers for your pressing questions.  


Maintenance  & Service Training: Offered in-person at our Minneapolis, MN facility as well as online, this is catered toward the participant and focuses on extending the life of your equipment.


Call us today to sign up for one of these training options.






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