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We offer several solutions to purchase and learn about our equipment.


  • Distribution: Purchasing through distribution allows you to continue to work with a partner that is already serving your needs and providing support and equipment outside of surface prep. If you need help locating this resource in your area, connect with our customer service team to learn about the options.

  • Direct: Purchasing through this website, or by calling us directly gives you the opportunity to get support and training straight from the manufacturer. Call us today to find out about the National difference.

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Our Story


With easy to use, and innovative machines and tools, we aim to help contractors in the surface preparation industry complete their work more quickly, safely and efficiently.

When we started 50 years ago, we noticed that contractors could be more productive and reduce labor by using simple, fast and safe machines.

National Flooring Equipment has now got over fifty patents registered in both the United States and internationally and has built a strong worldwide presence.

50 years’ experience also taught us that mastering a machine like a shot blaster, a scraper  or a concrete grinder and polisher can be challenging at first.

To help our customers use our surface preparation equipment safely and efficiently, we host practical demonstrations at trade shows, in training sessions and weekly on our YouTube channel.


Our Values


Loyalty, innovation, passion, creativity, integrity, accountability, safety and pride — the company values that play a huge role in everything we do.

We use customer feedback about new challenges or requirements to improve existing or develop new machines.  

That way we can remain industry leaders and provide the practical, safe and easy to use surface preparation equipment that contractors need.



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